Elzette Koen – Claims her thrown as the new Khaleesi of African Pool!!!

Vadin Billiard Room was the proud host of the 2018 All Africa Women’s 9-Ball Championships this past weekend

Vadin Billiard Room was the proud host of the 2018 All Africa Women’s 9-Ball Championships this past weekend which drew some of the finest cue-ists from all across SA!

The field was riddled with some of our countries most talented players who were all frothing at the opportunity to capture the coveted title as well as participate in the Mulit-discipline event in Paris, France next year.

In the absence of the current title holder, Nicola Rossouw, it was all to play for and the draw saw a few mouth watering opening games!

One of the tournament favourites, Suzette Booyens from Gauteng, fell prey to the Alexia Juliuis in her opener and found herself with lots to do in the losers half.

Youngster Shaiyene Fritz,fresh from the World Junior champs in Russia came up against her senior in Elzette Koen, who herself, just touched back in SA earlier in the week from a successful Balckball World event in the UK.
This was pretty one sided as Elzette wasted no time in dispatching the rising star to the bottom half.

Another strong contender was Joy Willenberg, who was also fresh from the Blackball World Champs where she claimed the no.1 spot in the team event!

As the draw progressed, the form players emerged and showed little respect for their opponents. Elzette, Joy, Ilhaam and Apsra Panchoo were all chips in and ready to lock horns as they reached the business end of the tourny.

Apsra and Elzette reached the finals of the winners half but Apsra was narrowly beaten by 6-5 which sent her to the losers half where she waited for either Joy or Ilhaam Rhode.

Ilhaam came into the event with some high expectations as she had been putting in a lot of table time and also qualified for the Vadin R20K 9 Ball Series Grand finals.
It was not to be unfortunately as she went down 4-1 to Joy who set herself up a clash with the in form Apsra Panchoo from KZN.

The pool gods were not in Joy’s favour and she had a few bad rolls which cost her dearly. She finally succumbed 4-2 to Apsra and ended up in a respectable 3rd place!

The final was under way and both players got off to nervy starts but found their feet very quickly and traded blows early on.

The frames were close and score the same but Elzette managed to pull a few ahead and put some pressure on the arm of the ice-cool Apsra, who whistled her way though the entire event.

With the scores tied at 6-6 in a race to 7, Apsra missed a snooker on the 5 ball which gave Elzette an opening which she grabbed with both hands.
Keeping her nerve, Elzette took out a tricky run out to claim her prize as the Queen of Africa!

Well done Elzette Koen, deserved Champion!
All Africa Champion 2018 – Elzette Koen.